Tradition and innovation while respecting the environment

Severino Becagli’s story began in a small shop in Florence, where he dedicated himself to creating traditional Tuscan food products. His passion for Tuscan culinary tradition was passed down from generation to generation over an entire century. The family values and know-how were channeled into the creation of the San Lorenzo Farm facilities, in Grosseto.

Here, in harmony with the area’s local agricultural heritage, the Becagli Family has created a perfect union between tradition and innovation, starting to farm and forming the “Spirulina Project”, a product of the future with strong roots in ancient history.

The company

Our dedication on the forefront is our guarantee to those who choose our products

By choosing the Severino Becagli name for our company, our intent was to remind our customers that we are strongly committed to achieving the highest quality in Spirulina production, by continuing to protect the authenticity of our territory and its heritage while keeping an eye towards the future.

Severino Becagli Spirulina Algae is entirely produced at the San Lorenzo Farm, in Grosseto. The production chain is limited to the Italian territory, and the different stages of production are constantly monitored, which guarantees algae of the highest quality for the consumer. The product is exclusively and proudly organic, eco sustainable and 100% made in Tuscany.

Spirulina: a product of the future that has ancient roots in the history of the world

Our production is based on three values:

Quality, research and respect for the environment are the cornerstones of Severino Becagli’s philosophy, which is based on hard work in promoting innovative and environmentally sustainable cultivation methods.

Commitment toward those who choose our company and our Spirulina
Research and development with the Tuscan tradition in mind
An organic, eco sustainable product to protect the environment