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Pecorino Cheese with Spirulina

Organic Pecorino cheese with Spirulina

Pecorino BIO with Spirulina

Severino Becagli Product description

Severino Becagli’s Pecorino with Spirulina is made exclusively with milk from sheep that graze on Tuscan Maremma’s fields which are cultivated using organic methods.

This pecorino is rich in tradition and is produced for Severino Becagli by a Tuscan excellence, winner of the international BioCaseus contest promoted by Aiab (Associazione italiana per agricoltura biologica).

The cheese factory has also been selected because of the specific microclimate of the Amiata Mountain that it operates in.

The milk transformation takes place employing only artisanal techniques. The milk is curdled at low temperature which helps maintain its aroma and properties unaltered, resulting in a sweet tasting pecorino with an intense aroma.

The addition of Spirulina algae gives the product a distinctive taste and a unique shade of color.

The green-bluish nuances guarantee the presence of Severino Becagli’s Spirulina, along with all its beneficial properties.

Enjoy our Pecorino as it is, or with honey or jam. It can also be added to hot or cold dishes making them tasty and fun.

Information table

Nutritional values:

1609 kJ/388kcal
33,0 g
of which saturates
20,0 g
2,2 g
of which sugar
0,6 g
21,0 g
1,2 g


500-600g ca. each


pasteurized sheep’s milk*, Volterra salt*, Spirulina* 0,1% milk ferments, rennet.
*From organic farming
*From organic farming.